Registry Audit Application (RAA)

Registry Audit App is a tool which can be used by the Auditors to carry out Flag state Auditing process. One system provides end to end automated work flow to perform any of these audits – ISM, ISPS, MLC. The Laptop application can work Offline / Online and seamlessly replicate data with the Central System. Registries would be empowered to provide convenience to ship owners, increase in efficiency resulting in Cost-effective and Quality Audit service.


Salient Features

  • Software as a Service (SAAS), No other software required, No Administration required
  • Application ensures security using industry standard HTPS protocol and data is persisted on an encrypted storage.
  • Any Audit can be created from Central Server App.
  • Audits can be performed using Laptop App. Even without data connectivity the Audit can be performed on the mobile devices
  • Supporting a variety of assessment types like ISM, ISPS & MLC.
  • On successful completion of the Audit the Audit certificate can be generated instantly and issued on board vessel.
  • Inspectors and Auditors who have many years of field experience have validated the work flow of this Audit application.
  • Audit Maintenance and Audit Execution work independently as they are two different systems.
  • CAR Maintenance is made simple with this system.
  • Notify system users at every stage and exception scenarios.
  • Multi-tenant application capable of handling multiple registries at the same time
  • Easy integration to any existing Registry system to retrieve Vessel details and Certificate details
  • Master Maintenance of the data can be controlled from the Central System
  • Automation of workflow from submission till final approval and publication.
  • Supports instant capture and upload of all media files without any file type limitation, additionally the system is designed to capture digital signatures.
  • Authentication and Authorization supporting both Admin and Inspection mode depending on role based user login.
  • Simultaneously managing (Create / Perform / Print / Synchronize) of multiple inspections is supported.
  • Function to Print the entire Audit Report in an encrypted PDF is available as Print report.