Bunker Survey

Bunker Quantity Survey is the process of taking measurements on board the delivery barge or the shore tank and on the receiving vessel before and after transferring of oil takes place in the presence of approved surveyors. It is a key process in preventing bunker delivery losses and to determine any discrepancy in the quantity of bunker received by the receiving vessel.

Processes in Bunker Quantity Survey

  • Surveyor measures the bunker tanks to determine the quantity of oil delivered.
  • Ensuring quantity delivered from barge or shore tank & received by the vessel tanks is the same.
  • Collect sampling with procedures on board the vessel or barges.
  • Record times and events prior, during, and after bunker transfer.
  • Report any discrepancies and investigate at the time of inspection.

Bunker Quantity Survey Application Workflow

Processes in Bunker Quantity Survey

  • Application manages the complete workflow of the Bunker Quantity Survey Process.
  • The application consists of two modules: 1. Web based Application 2. Laptop based application.
  • This Laptop based application is intended to be run on Windows Platform.
  • The client has the option to use the application on ‘Pay as You Go’ model saving huge initial investments.
  • Web based application creates a new survey assignment & assigns it to a surveyor through the application.
  • Surveyor is intimated through Email regarding the assignment. The Web based application can also send ‘Email Triggers’ to the surveyor & office users.
  • Surveyor has access to the required ‘Survey Forms’ on the handheld device by logging on to the Laptop application.
  • The Laptop application allows the surveyor to perform Bunker Survey even in Offline mode with no network connectivity.
  • Surveyor conducts the bunker survey & gathers the information in the forms on the Laptop device.
  • Surveyor can print the completed forms for taking the required signatures and official seals on the completed Forms.
  • Supporting documents like Bunker delivery note can be scanned and uploaded to the Survey forms from the Web application.
  • All the information is stored in the Laptop device and gets synchronised with office server once it is published and the device connected to the network.
  • Once survey is complete and published to the office server, the survey is marked as read only on Laptop Device.
  • Web based application on the server side can be used to analyse information & generate dashboard reports.
  • Summarised reports along with the completed forms can be printed and exported in PDF format.