Chartering & Operations

The system allows users to create and Manage COA (Contract of Affreightment), Calculation, Fixture, Voyage all while providing an extendible set of decision support tools to facilitate quicker evaluation of businesses opportunities. In addition, the module supports contract creation for the following business types Spot and Time Charter.

The system has the following modules viz; Planning, Chartering and Operations. The system can be integrated with any financial accounting system.

Planning Chartering Operation Post Fixture Financial Analytics
Cargo Planner Spot Fixture Position Detail Demurrage Accounts Receivable Estimation vs Actual
Vessel Planner Time Charter Fixture Vessel Performance Freight Accounts Payable Utilization vs Open Days
COA Lightering Contract Off hire Charter-hire Accruals Earnings Forecast
Voyage Estimation Voyage Creation Bunker Info Bunkering Voyage calculation Fuel Consumption by Category
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