Cloud Migration

Our team has migrated many critical applications and business processes to, from and within Public, Private and hybrid cloud environments – So we are confident of executing your use case successfully.

How our Migration as a Service works

  • SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique used to define the set Objectives
  • We work with you in selection of Right cloud vendor for your Business and Technology needs
  • We help in selecting the cloud environment which suits your business needs
  • Create a comprehensive migration strategy to rationalize and optimize all workloads across the organization
  • Establish performance baselines to determine the acceptable performance of the business-critical application
  • We provide Proofs-of-Concept for applications that address new business and technology needs as they arise and turn your vision into reality
  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Data Migrations
  • Monitor the Implementation
  • Switch over production
  • We don’t just walk away when your migration is completed, we will be able to provide on-gong Operational support.

Potential Benefits of Cloud Migration

  • To reduce the operational costs while increasing the effectiveness of IT processes.
  • Experiencing increased traffic and it’s becoming difficult to scale resources on the fly to meet the increasing demand.
  • It’s becoming more difficult and expensive to keep up with your growing storage needs.
  • Improved IT Resource Management
  • Less infrastructure complexity
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Built in status monitoring
  • Automatic backup and Logging of Key Metrics
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint