Integrated Voyage Management & Accounting System (IVMAS)

As the world changes, so do the challenges of the industry. IVMAS is in constant development, and new features are added to meet new requirements.

IVMAS is an advanced and comprehensive software system for voyage management, covering estimation to post fixture. Preferred for its flexible structure and user-friendly interface it is an ideal solution for bulk shipping companies.

System Overview


Cargo Planner
Vessel Planner
Contracts of Affreightment (COA)


Voyage Estimate
Time Charter Out


Vessel Reports

Post Fixture

Demurrage Calculation
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Charter Hire Payable

Our Modules

Voyage Estimate System

Operation System

Post Fixture System

Voyage Analysis


Voyage Management System
IVMAS is an advanced and comprehensive software system for voyage management at all its stages, starting from estimating to post fixture. Recognised for its flexible structure and user-friendly interface, IVMAS is the core system solution of leading shipping companies worldwide.
Reliable decision support in Chartering and Operations
Making the right decisions at the right time is the key factor in voyage management business. The main focus of IVMAS is to provide high quality decision support based on accurate and reliable information about distances, ports, suppliers, fuel prices and all the other parameters that must be considered to make good business decisions, both in Chartering and Operations.
Time Saving Post Fixture and Accounting
Full integration makes Post Fixture so much easier because the relevant data is already entered during Chartering and Operations. IVMAS can be integrated seamlessly with any accounting system.
Making complex data comprehensible is all about structure and presentation. IVMAS has been developed from the user’s perspective to ensure that you get an accurate picture of the voyage. Consideration for the user also extends to the input side, which means that you will never have to enter the same data twice, for instance.
Easy to learn
IVMAS is an integrated system, not a patchwork of modules. The simplicity and consistency of the working environment is one of the reasons why new clients use this product with minimum training period.
Structured Yet Flexible
The intelligent and consistent structure of IVMAS is its main advantage, but the system still has the flexibility to handle a vast spectre of scenarios within all segments of the industry.
Powerful Reporting
The overall data structure of IVMAS is ideal for reporting. The system offers a wide range of standard reports and is also accessible for custom queries from your own reporting tools.
Security and Auditing features
IVMAS has been developed with a strong focus on information security. The system provides detailed control of user privileges, both input and output. Who can access the data, who can change the data – it’s all at your fingertips down to individual buttons and fields. The system also provides an Audit Log that gives you the complete history of all user interaction with the system.