Data Visualization & Analytics

Every Industry generates a lot of operational and commercial data. These large amounts of Data are becoming a critical source of information to obtain a competitive advantage in the industry. To visualise and analyse this information we make use of Microsoft Power BI tool in an Iterative fashion. Using Power BI, we extract and integrate data from various sources and come out with a Draft Visualisation in the form of graphs and charts. Using this Draft version, we interact with domain specialists to identify Key inter dependant Parameters to analyse. Once the key parameters are identified, these are in turn iteratively fed back into the design process to come out with complex dashboard reports. These dashboards allow for rank/rating different parameters and used to discover patterns, problematic areas or potential areas of improvement.

Having a strong domain expertise in the maritime sector, we have built visualisation solutions for our customers to help them control budgets and optimise operational costs. For example, Bunker is the single biggest expense in running a Vessel, it forms almost 65% of the operational costs of a voyage. Any shortage of bunkers from the supplier or misreporting of bunkers leads to a considerable loss for the Vessel Operator. We have developed an Analytical engine on top of our Bunker Quantity Survey software which keeps track of the performance of various entities involved in a Bunker Purchase transaction like Bunker Supplier, Trader, Vessel Crew, Bunker Barge and Surveying Company. Different parameters are evaluated by the Vessel Operator to identify the best party for procuring bunkers at a port.

These parameters could be BDN (Delivery) Discrepancy, Delays, Price Variations, Excess or Negative Oil reporting by the Vessel Crew and So on. Taken together these dashboards could assist in identifying potential loss of Bunkers for a Vessel Operator. Below are sample screens of this Power BI Dashboard.