Data Visualization & Analytics

Every Industry generates a lot of operational and commercial data. These large amounts of Data are becoming a critical source of information to obtain a competitive advantage in the industry. We at BSOL have a proven capability in assisting our customers to create data science models and build sophisticated visualisation using Power BI.   Some of our services include,

  • Full Fledged Reports and Dashboard Development, for example we have built solutions consolidating financial statements across multiple companies under a holding company with the target audience being CEOs and senior management
  • Data Platform development, to extract the data from disparate sources and centralise it into a common repository for the Visualisation solution.
  • Business Optimisation, with our Strong domain expertise in the maritime sector, we have designed visualisation solutions for our customers to help them control budgets and optimise operational costs.

Below is an example of the Visualisation solution to control Bunker Losses, Costs for the Shipping Industry.

  • Bunker (Fuel) is the single biggest expense in running a Vessel. It forms almost 65% of the operational costs of a voyage. Any shortage of bunkers from the supplier or misreporting of bunkers leads to a considerable loss for the Vessel Operator
  • Our Analytical Engine tracks the performance of various parties like Supplier, Trader, Vessel Crew, Barge that are involved in supplying Bunkers to the Vessel
  • Parameters like BDN (Delivery) Discrepancy, Delays, Price Variations, Excess or Negative Oil etc are reported on this dashboard with drill down feature
  • Our solution helps the Vessel operator to identify Bunker Losses and plan for future procurement of Bunkers

Below are sample screens of this Dashboard