Defect Tracking Application (DTA)

Defect Tracking App is a tool which can be used by Vessel Crew to Report any Deficiency/Failure of Systems/Equipment as part of Observation or Inspection On-Board Vessel. The Reported Deficiency/Failure is then reviewed with the Office Personnel to take action and find a suitable resolution. The application allows for a two way flow of the information between the Vessel Crew and Office Personnel. This allows for Vessel Owners to analyse issues across the fleet and empower them to take corrective and preventive actions.


Salient Features

  • Software as a Service (SAAS), No other software required, No Administration required
  • Application ensures security using industry standard HTPS protocol and data is persisted on an encrypted storage.
  • Defects can be recorded using Laptop / Desktop App. Even without data connectivity the Defect can be recorded on the Laptop Device.
  • Deficiency details will be seamlessly synchronised to office server whenever internet is available.
  • Two way synchronisation between Vessel and Office
  • Automatic alerts / notifications sent to office staff via Email, WhatsApp.
  • Allow for attachment of images and documents
  • Notify system users at every stage and exception scenarios.
  • Defect Maintenance & Tracking is made simple with this system.
  • Multi-tenant application capable of handling multiple vessel companies at the same time
  • Automation of workflow from creation till final closure of defect.
  • Data across Fleet can be analysed using dashboard reports to take corrective and preventive actions
  • Automation of workflow from submission of defect till final closure.