MS Dynamics Ax Services

At BSOL we have a MS Dynamics AX team to implement and support financial systems across various business requirements and specifically in shipping domain.
Some of the Key accomplishments are

Single Accounting model and system for both Vessel and Non Vessel

  • Single chart of accounts for all companies or Multiple chart of account based on Pool and Non pool companies
  • Single entry for customer/vendor data
  • Segregation between operations and accounting
  • Accurate Periodic Accruals posted in finance system according with deliveries from Business operating systems
  • Facilitate Intercompany Entries, Recurrent Invoice, Accruals and Cut-Off posting
  • Bank Reconciliation and Bank Statement Postings with electronic transfer to ABN Access On-Line.
  • Getting realtime exchange rate.
  • Vessel asset life cycle with fixed asset module.

Integration with Business Operation system

  • Technical Management system(Ns5)
    1. Inward invoices
    2. Out word payment from Finance system to Technical management system
    3. Inward flow of inventory, expenses for tracking lubricants.
    4. FIFO calculation based on Price layer wise.
  • Commercial Management system (IMOS)
    1. Inward payment flow
    2. Inward invoices
    3. Out word payment from Finance system to Commercial management system
  • Crew HR and payroll System(Compass)
    1. Inward Crew payment based on vessel
    2. Recording of expense in Finance management system.

Business Reports

  • Interface evaluation/reconciliation report for integration system.
  • Interface failure report for Integration system.
  • Multi company Trial balance, Vendor Aging, Custom aging, Customer Collection report.