Pool Participant Portal

Pool Participant Portal provides for an overview of the Performance of Vessels in the Pool to the Pool Participants. The Portal also allows the Pool Administrator to upload and share Pool related Agreements, Financial Statements, Minutes of Meetings, Weekly Performance Reports with the Pool Participants. The Portal is an extension to the Pool Administration system which is used by the Pool Administrator to administer Pool Points to the Vessels in the Pool and Calculate the share of revenue due to the Pool Participants.

Salient Features

  • Provide for an overview of the Pool in terms of Vessels in the Pool, Average age of the fleet, Pool Point allocations, Bunker Consumption and graphs indicating Monthly / Quarterly TCE
  • Pool Report Summary indicating the current cumulative earnings for the year along with the balance bought forward from previous year and the current year payments to the pool participants
  • Graphical view of TCE Comparison of Pool with Benchmark indices like Clarkson’s
  • Upload of various types of Pool Documents like Periodic Performance Reports, Pool Agreements, Glossary, MOM of Pool Meetings, Financial Statements, Vessel Activity and Current Pool Point Allocations.
  • Quickly Customisable Screens, Graphs and Dashboard reports with the data for the same being supplied by the user in form of Preformatted Excel input.
  • Automatic alerts / notifications sent to pool participants when any new documents are uploaded in the Portal. Participants can manually subscribe to these notifications
  • Allows the pool administrator to set access restrictions to the Pool documents for one or more companies. Allows for Previewing the uploaded documents.
  • Responsive screen design capable of being viewed on Mobile / Handheld applications.
  • Standalone solution where the Financial Data for the Portal can be manually uploaded, or it can be integrated with our existing Pool Administration solution


  • Deliver full transparency to pool partners by providing with a view of the performance of the pool, the vessels, earnings by the vessels, combined earnings by the pool, cash distribution, etc.
  • Showcase Capabilities of the Pool Administrator to Prospective Pool Participants
  • Access to pool participant portal anytime, anywhere. Access to historical earnings, performance data and more.
  • Multi-Tenant application which allows for quickly configuring and setting up multiple pools like Suezmax, Aframax etc.