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Recognized Organization Audit Application

Recognized Organization Audit App is a tool which enables the user to retrieve vessel specific information and to schedule various types Audit / Inspection / Survey / Review. The audit workflow involves simple five step process

Create Retrieve Perform Synchronize Complete

The system provides an end to end automated workflow to perform any audit. The audit application has the capability of performing an Audit even without data connectivity. Instantaneously the audit report and certificate can be generated digitally. These Compliance certificates can be verified online any time for its authenticity and to validate details. Earlier Audit findings can be verified and updated as part of the latest onboard verification audit. Alert notification can be configured in the application to notify auditors, such as the Audit to be scheduled, findings which requires approval of plan document, Review Pending etc. Statement of Vessel provides a detailed view of the Audits, Certificate, Findings of that specific vessel.

Salient Features

  • Any type of Audit can be created from Central Server.
  • Simplified workflow from submission till final approval and publication
  • Audits can be performed using portable App, in stand-alone mode even when there is no data connectivity.
  • It supports a variety of assessment types like ISM, ISPS, SSP, DMLC Part II, IHM & MLC.
  • On successful completion of the Audit, digitally signed preliminary certificate can be generated and issued on board vessel.
  • CAR Maintenance process is simplified.
  • User Notification at every stage of audit progress.
  • Master Maintenance of the data can be controlled from the Central System
  • Supports instant capture and upload of all media files without any file type limitation, additionally the system is designed to capture digital signatures.
  • Authentication and Authorization supporting both Admin and Inspection mode depending on role based user login.
  • Auditors can manage multiple audits at the same time
  • Cyber safe application, encrypted data persistence.


  • Covers the fully audit cycle leading to increased efficiencies, data accuracy and integrity
  • Management reports and dashboards leading to better audit management
  • Application developed with active participation from Inspectors and Auditors with years of field experience

Vessel Registration:
Simple tool to register the vessel and offshore units which are getting serviced by RO (Recognized Organization). All critical information including the classification details are collected using an online form. Vessel database stores all this information and using this information to schedule pre-configured notifications to Vessel owner and RO.

Enquiry & Quotation:
Next step in this process is to generate the quotation based on the audits which are to be scheduled in the near past. These quotations will get auto prepared and emailed to the vessel owners for their approval. On successful approval from owner the planning and scheduling will come into action

Scheduling an audit is a just a click to enter basic information of the vessel and the auditor. Feature rich scheduling modules provides information at one go for a month / week / Day. It would be possible to schedule on iterative

Auditor who has been assigned to perform the scheduled Audit will be able to retrieve the audit on to their portable devices. Perform the audit with or without data connectivity. Synchronize to central office system. Issue on board the vessel digitally signed preliminary certificates and audit reports.

The application can generate an invoice to be sent to the vessel owner. Seamless date flow from Vessel registration to perform an audit. The application captures the information required for generating an invoice. Once it is approved from the accounting will be emailed to the customer. The workflow approval process is stitched as part of the application.

Powerful business analytic view of the application data in such way the user understand the area which requires immediate attention. The interactive visualizations and business intelligence capability with an interface simple enough for end users. The reports and dashboard are customized according the role and responsibilities of the viewer.